Risinghurst Mortgages was founded to be exactly 'what it says on the tin'

 Direct. Approachable. Transparent

We know what counts is the first class service our clients receive. We may sound cliché but we mean what we say, we know how receiving the right advice and support during your mortgage we can be the difference between a smooth transaction or one to forget.... We're proud to say that we are the powerhouse of any client that we assist, we go the extra mile and make sure we're there for you every step of the way.


We WILL tell you what your options are from the start upon assesing your circumstances. RM will be Direct and honest whatever the situation, no false promises here.


We WILL pick up the phone and anwser all your questions however simple or complex they may be, we know that your life may not work only from 9am - 5pm or perhaps thats when you focus on your own work and dont have the time to deal with your mortgage then, so we're approachable should you need us in the evening or the weekend.


We WILL tell you exactly what you should expect from your mortgage journey. Although different scenarios will have different 'processes' and 'ways of doing things 'we will tell you from the start how things 'usually work'

Risinghurst Mortgages  

                Direct . Approachable . Transparent