We like to call it Housekeeping

We want you to be able to 'hit the ground running' when your finally ready to start your mortgage journey, that's why regardless of the position you may currently be in we have put together a few key points which we believe is some useful initial advice:

  • To start, we would recommend reaching out to a mortgage adviser, preferably one that has access to whole of market lenders, one who will be able to work with you and which ever lender necessary to achieve the best possible solution for your mortgage needs. Reaching out to an adviser is a great way to start so that you know 'where you stand'.

  • Keep up to date with your credit report. Your credit score will have an impact on the lenders available to you, the better the score the wider range of lenders.

  • Keep any overdraft limits within your agreed limit.

  • Register on the electoral roll if you haven't already don't so 

  • Increase your deposit as much as reasonably possible, a higher deposit can potentially give you access to better mortgage products or increase your buying power.

  • Ensure you have easy access to your last 3 months of payslips and bank statements, if your self employed (depending on your circumstances) ensure you have your latest tax returns as these documents will always be needed for any mortgage application.

  • The use of a credit card can improve your mortgage application if used appropriately. Being able to show a lender that you are able to responsibly borrow funds from a credit card and pay these off on time is a good sign to any lender that the same will be the case with your future mortgage payments. When using a credit card, your credit card provider should have the facility of setting up a direct debit from your account, this will mean that the monthly minimum payment will be deducted automatically from your account which means you will always be paying off your minimum balance (if applicable) and help you avoid missing any payments!