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New business during a 2020 pandemic? YOUR NUTTS!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Your out of your mind they said. Your starting a new mortgage firm in 2020? they said.

You cant be serious? they said.

I said.

Here's my business card for all your mortgage queries.

Don't forget our referral scheme...

I know that starting a business during a pandemic on paper may not seem the most sensible, but what's to stop me and my team smashing out great reliable advice and dealing with people with a no nonsense approach to get them where they need to be and get the job done?

Having lived the experience myself before becoming a broker, I used the services of a broker... I know the difference between a good and bad one. From my own experience using a broker that just isn't interested in your mortgage and aspirations for whatever reason just adds stress to the process and who needs that?

On paper a mortgage is a transaction, but our clients? well they're what keep us going, the reason we do what we do.

Here we are Risinghurst mortgages. We don't like the nonsense, the messing around and the time wasting that can be involved in the mortgage world, we do what we can to cut that out.

We will chase calls.

We will ask for regular email updates.

We will tell you how it is and if things are on track.

Basically were 'kinda sorta bishbashbosh'

Yours Truly, Directly Approachably, Transparently and anything else that sounds like it ends with a LY.


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